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HSD Portal > News > Student Transfers from Unaccredited Districts to Accredited Districts Frequently Asked Questions
Student Transfers from Unaccredited Districts to Accredited Districts Frequently Asked Questions

Student Transfers from Unaccredited Districts to Accredited Districts Frequently Asked Questions 


August 13, 2013    


Q: What do I need to do to enroll my child into Hazelwood School District’s Student Transfer Program? 
A: You must first make sure you contact your home school and complete the application process. Once completed, bring the approved application packet and the following information to the Hazelwood School District Learning Center at 15955 New Halls Ferry Road, Florissant, MO 63031 (Administration Building): 
  • Original state-issued birth certificate for the student (the enrolling parent must be listed on the document).
  • Current immunization records for the student. All shots must comply with Missouri state law.
  • Transcript for students in grades 9-12 or most recent report card for students in grades K-8. 
  • Discipline record from previous school. This applies to students in grades 6-12. 
  • Current driver’s license or state I.D. card of the enrolling parent or guardian.

Q: Why can students from unaccredited school districts transfer to accredited school districts?
A: On June 11, 2013, the Missouri Supreme Court issued an opinion on Breitenfeld v. School District of Clayton, overruling the opinion of Circuit Court Judge Vincent.  The decision of the Missouri Supreme Court, as it stands, requires accredited school districts located in St. Louis County or any adjoining county to admit students who currently reside within the two unaccredited schools districts in St. Louis County - Normandy and Riverview Gardens.

Q: What are the districts to which students from Normandy and Riverview Gardens can transfer?
A: Students can choose any accredited district in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Franklin County, Jefferson County or St. Louis City.

Those districts include:
St. Louis City - St. Louis City Public Schools
St. Louis County – Mehlville, Lindbergh, Valley Park, Rockwood, Parkway, Pattonville, Hazelwood, Ferguson-Florissant, Jennings, Ritenour, Ladue, University City, Clayton, Brentwood, Webster Groves, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Affton, Bayless, Hancock Place, Kirkwood
St. Charles County – Wentzville, Orchard Farm, Fort Zumwalt, Francis Howell, St. Charles City
Jefferson County – Fox, Northwest, Festus, Jefferson Co, Desoto, Sunrise, Kingston, Grandview, Windsor, Hillsboro, Crystal City, Dunklin
Franklin County – Meramec Valley, Washington, New Haven, Gasconade Co R-1, Gasconade Co R-II, Franklin Co, Strain-Japan, Spring Bluff, Sullivan, Saint Clair, Lonedell, Union, Richwoods

Q: Do students have to do anything if they wish to remain in their district?
A: No, the transfer provision is voluntary.

Q: Can students enrolled in an accredited district one year, apply to transfer to a different accredited district the subsequent year?
A: Yes, as long as the student’s resident district remains unaccredited. 

Q: How does a student residing in an unaccredited district apply to transfer to an accredited district?
A: The parent or guardian should start the process at the Normandy or Riverview central office. There they will receive the materials they need to request a transfer.

Q: What is the timeframe for students who’ve applied to transfer to hear back from the district to which they’ve applied?
A: Parents must apply for transfer at Normandy central office or the Riverview Gardens Family and Community Resource Center by close of business on Aug. 1, 2013 (Time has expired). 

Q: Will transportation be provided to students transferring to accredited districts?
A: The Normandy School District will be providing transportation for its students to attend the Francis Howell School District. Riverview Gardens is in the process of selecting the district to which they will transport. If a parent or guardian chooses to enroll his/her student in a different accredited school district, the parent or guardian is responsible for transportation.

Q: Are accredited districts required to accept all student transfer requests?
A: Yes, if there is space.  Vacancies will be determined using the receiving district’s existing policy on class size. If a district does not have sufficient capacity to enroll all students applying to transfer, the school will develop an admission process to ensure all applicants who met the deadline will have an equal chance of admission.  A district may decide to give admission preference to siblings of children who are currently enrolled in the district as part of this transfer provision, or who have been selected earlier in the admission process.

Q: Can a student apply to transfer to more than one accredited district?
A: Yes. There will be a place on the Common Application form to list first, second and third choices of accredited school districts.
Q: Will there be a centralized process for all transfer applications or will this be handled by each individual district?
A: There will be an initial process common to all districts.  That process begins by contacting the Normandy central office or Riverview Gardens Family and Community Resource Center.

Q: Can students who transfer to accredited districts participate in all student activities provided by the accredited school?
A: Yes, transfer students are eligible to participate in all MSHSAA activities sponsored by the receiving district.

Q: Are students required to transfer back to their resident district if the resident district regains accreditation?
A: If the district regains accreditation during the school year, students are allowed to finish the school year at the receiving school, subject to payment of tuition.  However, they would not be eligible to transfer the following year or any subsequent year in which their resident district is accredited.

Q:  How is class size determined?
A: The receiving districts have a policy or guidelines for class size. Based on these policies, a district may determine that it does not have sufficient capacity to enroll all students. The Hazelwood School District is currently in the process of reviewing and updating policies and procedures regarding class size.

Q: Who funds the cost of educating transfer students in the accredited districts?
A: The unaccredited district will pay tuition to the receiving district based on an amount calculated and prescribed by Section 167.131 of the Missouri statutes.

Q: How will requests to attend a specific school within an accredited district be handled?
A: School assignments will be made by the receiving district once a student has been enrolled in the receiving district.

Q: If a student applies to transfer to the receiving school district where transportation will be provided by the unaccredited school district, but the receiving school district does not have the space to accommodate all the students, what are the student’s options?
A: Per DESE guidelines, the unaccredited school district will need to choose another school district in which they will provide transportation.
Q: Can a student transfer to an accredited charter school?
A: No, currently the law does not allow a student to transfer to a charter school.

For additional information please visit the Cooperating School Districts' website:​.

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