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Student Handbook and Behavior Guides

Student Dress Code

Student dress code is defined as attire that will not disrupt nor distract from the instructional procedures of the school. The following is a list that is intended to inform not limit. Students are to wear clothing that is clean and safe. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Items of clothing that are inappropriate for school dress and are not permissible include tight fitting clothing, revealing or suggestive clothing, tube tops, revealing tank tops, halter tops, midriff, sleepwear and see through clothing.

Headgear may not be worn in the building. Hats, caps, hair rollers, hairnets, picks, combs, and plastic hair coverings will not be permitted. Sunglasses and dark glasses, unless prescription, are considered inappropriate attire. Chains used with wallets, keys, etc. or as a belt or decoration are inappropriate and not allowed.

Clothing with vulgar, profane, or suggestive messages or pictures of illegal substances or alcoholic beverages is also inappropriate. No clothing, coloring, insignia or other symbol or combinations of symbols indicating membership in, affiliation with, or support for any gang or similar organization associated with violence, drugs, intimidation or other criminal activity will not be allowed on school grounds or at school sponsored activities.

It is also required that clothing be worn in the correct manner. For example: slacks or shorts are to be worn at the waist—not sagging, etc.

First Occurrence
• Parents are called and appropriate modifications made
• Items may be confiscated and will be returned only to the parent

Repeated Occurrences
• Parents are called and appropriate modifications made
• Items may be confiscated and will be returned only to the parent
• After school or Saturday detention


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