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Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative
Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative Grant Overview
The school District of Hazelwood was awarded a four year Safe Schools Healthy Students grant in 2008.
(The Safe Schools Healthy Student Initiative ended in 2013)
  • The grant is for four years for a total of $6 million dollars (FY 2008-2012)
  • It is a violence prevention collaborative effort led by three federal agencies:
    • The Office of Safe  & Drug Free Schools within the U.S. Dept of Education
    • The Center for Mental Health Services within the U.S. Dept of  Health and Human Services
    • The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention within the U.S. Dept. of Justic
  • It provides integrated and comprehensive resources for prevention programs and pro-social services for youth
  • All programs must be evidenced-based
The Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative Focuses on Five Elements
 (All goals and objectives are Data Driven)
  1. Element 1:  Safe school environments and violence prevention activities
    1. Reduce the number of physical aggressive behaviors (assaults, fights)
    2. Reduce the number of incidences of bullying
    3. Reduce the number of gang related infractions
    4. Reduce the number of sexual harassment infractions
    5. Installation of additional security equipment (cameras, intruder alarms, hand held metal detectors, buzzers , motion detectors 
  2. Element 2:  Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention activities
    1. To decrease students favorable attitude and use of ATOD
    2. To decrease the use of alcohol in middle and high school students
  3. Element 3:  Student behavioral, social and emotional supports
    1. To increase diversity training (HSD Professional Development Opportunities)
    2. Reduce the number of physical aggressive behaviors (assaults, fights)
    3. To increase access to mental health services
  4. Element 4:  Mental health services
    1. To increase access to mental health services
    2. To increase parents awareness of mental health issue
  5. Element 5:  Early childhood social and emotional learning programs
    1. To increase family participation in Parents as Teachers (PAT)
    2. To increase access to mental health services
    3. To increase training and support of Early Childhood staff in an evidenced- based pro-social curriculum
Our Community Partners 
  • BJC Behavioral Health Services -
  • Family  Court of  Saint Louis County
  • Florissant Police Department
  • Hazelwood Police Department
  • National Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NCADA)
  • Special School District
  • Saint Louis County Police Department


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